Property Management – Kelly Peck, Partner, Barr Ellison

I have known Betsy for many years and have worked with her on number of property portfolios. She looked after the day to day management, ensuring the services provided to the occupiers were good quality and value for money. When there were disputes or issues, Betsy always took a pragmatic approach to reach amicable solutions for the best interest of each party. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and an invaluable asset to have on your side when managing portfolios.

Project Management – Huw Jones, Former Finance Director, Howard Group

Betsy was appointed to review and evaluate our property database system. She listened to our requirement, challenges and expectations; then carried out a thorough review. With her extensive experience and knowledge in the property industry, she provided us with options and recommendation which was very useful for the board to make a decision. Betsy further helped us to mobilise the new database and managed the change process to get all stakeholders comfortable with the system.

Interim Support – Michael Horan, Managing Director, OpenArch Properties Ltd

We needed an interim Head of Commercial when I was promoted to Managing Director. Knowing Betsy’s background, I was confident that Betsy could just slot in and lead the team ensuring business as usual while we were recruiting for the permanent position. Her support made the transition much smoother and less stressful. It was also useful that Betsy could contribute a fresh perspective to the team as an external independent resource, and an additional resource to the team with her technical skills.

Occupier Management – John Lowry, Real Estate Director, Footlocker Europe

I have known Betsy for more than a decade.  Betsy and I worked together some years ago.  At that time, Betsy looked after some office buildings in London as part of her portfolio.  Due to changes of our client’s business model, some their office buildings became surplus to need.  Betsy worked with the client to consolidate their office requirements and successfully disposed of the surplus office space.  Total saving of over £100k a year were made in our client’s operational costs.  Apart from her strategic thinking and negotiation skills, Betsy was very thorough in her approach and her attention to detail was excellent when reviewing the portfolio and the client requirement.  Betsy made further savings in her clients’ operational costs by reviewing and challenging service charge costs and insurance costs.